Concrete mixing plant

Aggregate weighing system is composed of aggregate bin, frame, weighing hopper, aggregate conveyer and sensors.
1.Aggregate bin
- Volume: 25m3×4
- Discharging gate: 8
- Cylinder: diameter 100 journey 270 ( with electromagnetic valve) 8 pieces
- Cylinder: diameter 100 journey 270 ( with electromagnetic valve) four pieces
2.Weighing hopper:
- Volume: 2.5m3×4
- Measure mode: measure alone
- Sensor: SBC-2T(with linker)  Toledo  12sets
- Measuring precision: +-2%
3. Belt conveyer with cleaner
- Belt specification: 1000mm 
- Belt speed:
4. Electric drum: 1 set
5.Vibrator: MVE200/3 
power: 0.15kw      6 sets


The elevating system adopts flat belt conveyor.
1. Electric drum
2. Belt specification: B=1000
3. Belt speed
4. Convey capacity
5. Temporary storage hopper: 4.8m3
6. Discharging material gas cylinde

Mixing system
Model: YJS3000
Charging volume: 4800 L
Discharging volume: 3000 L
Motor: power: 55kw×2
Mixing blade, lining board: wear resistance material
System instruction:
Planetary gear reducer, small volume, high efficiency, high reliability.
Lining board and material of blade are chrome wear-resisting cast iron, reasonable design of angle and quality mixing efficiency, quick speed and long service life.
Four axis ends are equipped with full automation sealing oil injection system.
Discharging gate is controlled by hydraulic oil pump. 


Mixing platform
Discharge height  4.0m
Mixing platform
Tower Cover, out casing
electromagnetism valve
with Mixed concrete storage
Stairway, platform, handrails

Cement weighing system
Cement weighing system is composed of cement weighing hopper, pneumatic butterfly valve, sensors and so on.
Cement weighing system
Volume: 1600L
Weighing range: 0-1600 kg
Weighing precision: +-1%
Sensor: SBC-1T (with linker)
Pneumatic butterfly valve: V1FS 300  WAM
Vibrator MVE40/15
Power: 0.03kw 

Fly ash weighing system is composed of fly ash weighing hopper, pneumatic butterfly valve, sensors and so on.
1.Fly ash weighing hopper
- Volume:850L
- Weighing range: 0-765 kg
- Weighing precision +-1%
2.Sensor: SBC-0.5T (with linker)  Toledo
3.Pneumatic butterfly valve: V1FS 300
4.vibrator Power: MVE40/15    0.03kw

Mineral powder weighing system
1.Power weighing hopper
- Volume: 600L
- Weighing range: 0-540 kg
- Weighing precision +-1%
2.Sensor: SBC-0.5T (with linker)  Toledo
3.Pneumatic butterfly valve: V1FS 250
4.vibrator: MVE40/15  Power: 0.03kw

Water weighing system
Water weighing system is composed of pool (made by customers themselves), water pump, water weighing hopper, pneumatic butterfly valve and so on.
water supply pump:  ISG125-100A -7.5KW
Water injection pump:  flux: QY65-18-5.5
Pipe pneumatic ball valve
Water scale volume: 1000L
Weighing range
Sensor: TSC-500(with linker)  Toledo
Discharging pneumatic butterfly valve
Weighing precision: +-1%

Pneumatic system is composed of air compressor, gas cylinder, electromagnetic and pneumatic components.
1)Air compressor: power: 15KW
a)Main tower electromagnetic valve of
pneumatic control case              
b)Cylinder electromagnetic valve   
c)Cement break electromagnetic valve  quantity is
same as powder storage
3)Air supply disposal components
Two units (add one unit powder box)

Control system

1. The operation is integrated with management .It is easy and convenient to operate.

2. The batching system is controlled by the microcomputer.

3.The operating data of the mixing plant can be saved for more than ten years for the convenience of setting management.

4. The formula which can reach more than dozens can express by the figures for the convenience of distinguishing.

5. It has the function of error analysis and automatic checking.

6. Under the condition departing from the automatic control .The manual operating system can finish the control of the mixing plant such as batching, mixing, discharging.

7. The heavy-current part of the system is separated from the weak-current part, so it enhances the ability of anti-jamming. Easy to maintain.

8. Can equip with sand and stone containing water rate measuring machine (need to book separately)

9. Equip with four pictures monitoring system: mixer; dosing machine; discharge hopper; Weighing system.

System instruction:

The main hardware of this system adopts Germany Siemens products with advanced performance, high reliability and beautiful exterior. Console adopts man-machine engineering design, comfortable operation.

Screw conveyor
1. Model: 325×11000
2. Quantity: 4 units

Cement silo
1. Capacity: 100t
2. Quantity: 4 units