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Aggregate supply system

Cold aggregate hoppers batching machine
Composition: cold material hopper + belt giving material machine 5sets
Type: united assembly + frequency control feeder
Cold batcher: Upper body is 4mm, Lower body is 5mm;
I. Hopper: five buckets, charging height 3.4m, the compartment net installed at feed port can prevent large-size material from entering the hopper
input gate: length × width = 3.3×2.25 m
Single hopper capability: 8.0(flat hopper)   11(full hopper)
II. Belt feeder: five units
Style:  AC frequency [speed] control
Belt width: 500mm
Productivity: sand: 120t/h
Aggregate:100t/h (20mm aggregate diameter 40mm)
Power: 2.2kw
III. Hopper wall vibrator: two units   power: 0.25kw
stuff collect machine
Belt width: 650mm
Productivity: 200t/h              
Motor power: 5.5kw
stuff feeding machine
Belt width: 650mm    
Productivity: 200t/h
Motor power: 5.5kw

Drying drum

Size: 2.3m(diameter) ×8.2m(length)
Drying drum installation inclined angle: 5?
Drying drum revolving speed: 7.7rpm
Dry drum drive mode: four drive wheel attrition drive
Dry cylinder drive motor: 4×15kw reducer 4 units ,the total 60kw
The drying roller material steel plate 16/Q245R
The drum heat preservation: 100 mm mineral wool covered with stainless steel then lengthen


Fuel diesel oil, heavy oil, coal

EB9GNQ from Italy (gas and oil)

MFR2500 made in China (coal)

Hot aggregate elevator

(board-chain type  automatic tension)
The motor power: 22kw
Hoisting capacity: 200t/h

Shaking screen

Form:five layers nine segments (swift and inclined)          
Amplitude: 6~8mm
Sieving capacity: 220t/h
Drive power: 8.3kw  2 units
Sieving aggregate: 5 kinds

Weighing system

Modularity structure, every layer equipped with ladder?railing?guardrail (with zincification, and no painting ).Includes: supporting legs, ladder?meter mixing layer and hot aggregate storage house layer. Between each layer adopt board to connect, fix quickly, unload convenient
Pedal need to be connected, not welded
Air compressor: LB200350  motor power 15kw 1 sets
Air displacement . 2.85m3/min

Gas storage tank: 0.6m3
Accessories: pneumatic element, electromagnetic valve, pipeline, pipe joint.

Hot aggregate storehouse
1 set
Type: 5 compartment hoppers
The bin volume: 37 m3 
The material level testing: equipped with high and low level indictor
The temperature testing: the sand bin with temperature sensors
Hot aggregate weighing
static measure accuracy: +-0.5%
Weighting modularity sensor: HM-E?-A-2  (MEDIA)

Asphalt weighing
static measure accuracy: +-0.25%
Weighting modularity sensor: HM-E?-A-0.2 (MEDIA)
The asphalt measuring pump (one unit):7.5kw
The asphalt spraying pump(one unit):11kw
Powder weighing
Weighting modularity sensor: HM-E?-A-0.3 (MEDIA)
static measure accuracy: +-0.25%
Powder screw conveyer: LSL273×3020×4   4kw  1set

Pneumatic system
Air compressor: model:LB150320  1 set
Air capacity:1.67m3/min
Discharge pressure:0.7MPa
Motor power: 11Kw

Mixing machine in all

Style: two?horizontal shafts paddle mixer
The mixer volume: 2500kg/batch   
The distance between lining board is 5mm
The driving manner: reducer /coupling /mixing shaft
The driving motor power : 45kw×2
The discharging gate manner: rolling?wheel sliding type

Leading hot oil heating system

Fuel of the burner: diesel oil
The heating capacity of the burner: 80×104KCal/h
Heating supply temperature: ?260oC
Hot oil circulation pump stand fire, centrifugal
hot oil pump motor power 22kw *2
wheel pump 1.5 kw
draught fan 11 kw

Sterowanie, system kontroli i zasilanie maszyny

Wyposażenie pomieszczenia kontrolnego w sterownik, meble oraz sprzęt komputerowy potrzebny do kontroli pracy maszyny.
Sugerowane wymiary pomieszczenia (pomieszczenie po stronie zamawiającego):
6m x 2.3m x 2.5m
Manualny lub automatyczny system kontroli pracy dzięki sterownikowi PLC (Simens).
System zabezpieczający przed przeciążeniem i uszkodzeniem podzespołów elektrycznych.
Zasilanie: 400V (230V) 50Hz

Container for a finished product

Insulated containers for the finished product.

Capacity 2x40t

Loading height 4.0m