Three series of vertical injection molding machines for plastic processing:

1.    AT Series - a four bars, vertical mold closure system with a vertical injection unit.

2.    Series AC - vertical, open on three sides closing mold system with horizontal injection unit.

3.    AK Series - a four bars, a vertical locking system with a horizontal injection unit.


Clamping force: 250-6500kN

Injection weight: 10-6000g


Injection molding machines are characterized by a rigid construction and a modern electro-hydraulic system with proportional valves and control the flow of oil. Applied protection system available at low pressure shutdown protects against damage form.


The standard machine can mount one lower and one upper halves of the mold.


- The machine can be equipped with a sliding table that allows exit off the lower half mold closing system in order to prepare the next injection cycle by the operator or the robot.

- The machine can be equipped with a sliding table, working with two lower mold halves alternately working. During the formation of one of them, the other is shifted toward the operator or the robot prepares the next cycle.

- Machine with rotary table capable of operating one of the upper half and two or more of the lower halves of the mold.


A series of injection molding of thermoset mold clamping force 250-5000kN equipped with a rotary table or sliding. Vertical column locking system, injection system vertical or horizontal.


A series of vertical injection molding machines, multi-component system with a vertical closure of the form 250-6000kN. Injection system horizontal or vertical or vertical-horizontal. Equipped with a rotary table or sliding.